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The special Photo for my wonderful Friends! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 3 8 My other Plush Toys at Home! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 1 2 A cutrrent Photo of my Dog! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 2 7 One of my earliest sketches- Important! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 7 38 drawed something with the sketch app :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 1 6 Do you know this dog? :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 0 14 From My Heart to yours! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 5 18 A very Special Thanks from the bottom of my heart! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 5 33 Eine Premiere- meine erste richtige Skizze!!! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 5 17 Ta-daa! A Pokemon Tribute for you! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 7 30 Tada- A Yugioh Tribute for you! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 3 18 Chopper thinking of the Pirates (for the OP Fans!) :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 7 36 My Top 5 Anime Battles for you! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 7 12 Top 10 Vegetarians for you!!! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 6 9 My Top 10 Bunnys and Hares for you! :iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 2 16
Vivi und Lawrence- verliebt! (German)
Jo hi Elythe , xyMarishka , Austria-Man , schocki15 , MardGeerT , Celious , Kaschra , FumikoMiyasaki , Kannakomi , Caru-Ra , Phantasya-Naos , Lucina-Waterbell , MadameRedRose
, HouseNorma , Darkwolfnekoro , SuschnuhSuzu , Hibejime , SugarYuyu und all jene die deutsch können, dachtet ihr etwa, dass ihr kein Geschenk bekommt?
Im Gegenteil, hier ist eine Fanstory für euch, eine lange diesmal. Komplett in deutsch mit Kiro und Cathy! Bitte gut lesen und erst DANN kritisieren!
Happy Birthday Miyuki-Chan88 , by the way!!!
Kiro und Cathy sind nun älter geworden, ihre drei Kids Cecilia, Vivian (Vivi) und Charles (auch Charlie genannt) Erwachsene. Vivian ist die schönste junge Dame in ihrer Schule. Viele Jungs buhlen um sie, aber sie bleibt cool. Aber Lawrence, ein eher mysteriöser Junge, fällt ihr ins Auge… doch der hat ein Geheimnis.
Hier die Geschichte als Dialog.
(Vivian unterhält sich mit ihren Freundinnen)
Stella (j&
:iconkiro-kurusu:Kiro-Kurusu 1 11


Yukihira Souma from Shoukugeki No Souma :iconlazuardiyudistira:lazuardiyudistira 1 1
Mature content
Saturday Night Special :iconbaka-llama:Baka-Llama 2 3
Sokai :iconxs-xs:xs-xs 4 3 Request for Princessdogdragon :iconpretenderender:PretenderEnder 3 3 INUYASHA KIKYO :iconjaksangma:jaksangma 6 3 Kikyo | Inuyasha :iconyunaannie:YunaAnnie 40 7 Inuyasha and Kikyo from Inuyasha :iconjoeymcdowellart:joeymcdowellart 1 1 Protector?! :iconstormhelen:stormhelen 17 1 Akiro Tesshi :iconcherrybunnyaki:CherryBunnyAki 5 1 Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki) :iconahkhai1999:Ahkhai1999 32 3 ulquiorra schiffer (Tide Kubo) :iconhudaim:hudaim 6 2 Charlotte! :iconsakur1ta:sakur1ta 13 5 Fianceshipping Family :iconxlunar-queenx:xLunar-Queenx 29 39 Yugi Rebecca Cosplay :iconuzu-sama:Uzu-sama 5 2
Mature content
Tea/Anzu strutting around :iconlefrenchfox:LeFrenchFox 157 58
You're too late, girls. :iconlight-shadow-xyz:Light-Shadow-XYZ 20 19


The special Photo for my wonderful Friends!
Hi Elythe, Kannakomi, xyMarishka, Hibejime, Muffins1984, xs-xs, Darkwolfnekoro, Killinator, MardGeerT, Austria-Man, FumikoMiyasaki, MadameRedRose, Lucina-Waterbell, HouseNorma und all jene, die deutsch können!

Mir geht's wieder gut und hier habe ich ein besonderes Foto für euch, das Foto das mich zeigt, wie ich den Wario im Parter gewonnen habe!

Es war genau an diesem Automaten, diesen Tag (und vor allem diesen Moment) werde ich nie vergessen!

Was war für euch ein besonderer Moment, den ihr nie vergessen Wert der?

Sagt es mir, wenn ihr wollt!

Euer Emal aka Kiro
My other Plush Toys at Home!
Hi my wonderful Friends and Watchers, here is a new Photo of All the Plush Toys i have at Home, and i have to See something!

I have bought the Ice Age Plush at the Vienna "Prater" and won the Wario Plush there! ;)

I got the Yoshi Plush as a Gift from MissNeens and the small Mario from
Austria-Man. The giant Mario was a Birthday Gift!

I bought the Angry Bird Plush At a Flea Market, and the Dango was a Gift for buying the Clannad Dvd (but the german dub was awful!)

So who is your favorite Plush Character here?

Your Kiro
A cutrrent Photo of my Dog!
There you go, Ladys and Gentlemen, here is a current Photo of my Dog Malte.
Shot in my Room.

Hope you love this Photo too!

Your Kiro
Why hi Friends, i'm glad that i finally got Time to talk with you, and i sawed something Interessting at my dear Friend xXTuff-PegasisterXx Page:
Top 50 Favorite Characters (.1 : 5.)I am going to be making a Top 50 Character Analysis list. I will be including the following; a link to the character's story (their page) describing them as well as having the picture in the link found. If you want to know who this character is, you will eventually know because I will be explaining about them.
The only fandoms we will have here are Kirby, MLP and Pokémon characters.
Anime or Games will be determined as I will list where the character is from ( for example; Waddle Dee (Kirby's Return To DreamLand) )
Let's get started, shall we? :)  Doing five at a time due to space. xD
1. Tuff/Bun (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!) Tuff

"I've gotta help Kirby!"
Ahh... The good ol' times when I just sit there and set up some Kirby: Right Back At Ya! on the television screen. Tuff was one heck of a colorful chara

I decided to list my Top 50 Characters too, from 1 to 50. Just like her, my Nr. 1 comes first, but it will be sure hard to ONLY List 50 Characters in Journals. That's why i write the other Journals Later.

But i can tell you my Nr. 1-10 here!!!!

Nr. 1) I guess you already you know it, but if you really have a Bad Memory, actually they are 2: Kimihito AND Kiro.
Rose Choices: Kurusu Kimihito by Austria-Man

(Made by my Bro Austria-Man )
Kiro is finallly back! by Kiro-Kurusu

- Made by me, Lol.

I think NO-ONE will be suprised. It's just like that Monster Musume is my Nr. 1 Anime (of course Manga too again now) and Kiro is the Reason why you watch me. Plus both Brothers really care in my Story and show us that Brothers never ever give each other up and are always there for each other. Thanks to Killinator i found the Perfect Anime Hero and Character for me.

Nr. 2) Bell Cranel from Danmachi
DanMachi - ''Bell Cranel'' (Wallpaper 01) by Dr-Erich

Also no surprise, Ladys and Gentlemen. Bell is the perfect Example how you really can become a Hero. He is humble, brave, awesome, and NEVER was a Loser for me.
Of course he got laughed and mock, but his Determination and Will are only 2 good Reasons why i love Danmachi (and him) so much. Bell rules!

Nr. 3) Hercules (Disney)
DIsneys Hercules by chriscopeland

His Story kinda reminds me of the Story of Bell, only that Bell still isen't in a Relantship yet. But both show us what it truly takes to be a Real Hero. Hercules is my Nr. 1 Disney Movie and i guess i sawed it over 20 Times now, but i'm still NOT Bored at all from it. Oh and i don't say that a lot if i speak about Movies!

Nr. 4) Aladdin (Disney)
Aladdin Portrait Color by MoonchildinTheSky

Also a Disney Hero which showes us that you don't need Superhuman Powers to be awesome. Aladdin was a poor Thief but thanks to Genie (and most of all, his Brain) he became far more then he thought.
Also this is my 2nd favorite Disney Movie and i sawed it at least 10 times too, only to listen to the Songs and Aladdins Voice. :D

Nr. 5) Ash Ketchum
Minecraft - Ash Ketchum by luk01

There he is, Pokefans! Ash was for a long Time my Nr. 1 Anime Hero but then i found Kimihito. But Ash will always be a special Hero for me. His Optimisn and "Never-giving-up" Attitude impressed me when i was longer and i still see some Pokemon Episodes (if i can)

Nr. 6) Yugi Muto
Yugi by ShamanicDuelist

Also he is no "Surprising" Choice. Like Pokemon, Yu-gi-Oh was a Part of my Childhood and still collect the Cards and duelled with the "Duel" App for my Tablet. Also he has the best Grandpa in the World and is the true King of Games, even without Atem!

Nr. 7) Tsubasa Ozora
Tsubasa Ozora by Kris1997

There he is, MaouKouichi ! The Childhood Hero of Child Hood Heroes. Tsubasa was the first Anime Hero i met in my Life (i can't believe that my Memory still knows that)
and Even i'm NOT A Soccer Fan, i still loved this Anime so much. Tsubasas Attitude of Fair Play was so awesome. Plus his best Friends envy him to cause of his Technique!
(Oh and his Wife is awesome too)

Nr. 8) Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo
Conan Edogawa by TeamRocket

Also a Childhood Hero! Conan, which is Shinichi in Reality, is still a great Detective and i still watch the Anime. The German Dub is fantastic and he is an awesome Character indeed.

Nr. 9) Leon Belmont from Castlevania: Lament of Innoncence
Leon Belmont by geaspirito

The first Video Game Hero, but Leon deserved this Spot here. One of my dearest Gaming Memories is Castlevania: Lament of Innoncence with his Story, his Characters, and especially Leon as the Main Hero.
Did you know that he is voiced by Dave Wittenberg? This Guy also voices Kakashi in Naruto and Teddie in Persona 4... Incredible!!!

Nr. 10) Nami from One Piece
Sexy Nami - One Piece by KaenDD

Bet you sawed her coming, One Piece Fans, eh? Nami is not only super hot, she is also the Reason why i love One Piece so much. Like the other Straw Hats, she had an awful Past (Arlong and Bellemeere and Nojiko) but she became a brave and strong young Woman. Plus i absolute adore her Desing. Her Outfits are always great, the only downside are her Greed and Rage, but no-body is perfect!

Well, that's it for now.

Do you agree or not with my Choices so far, Friends?

Your Kiro


Kiro-Kurusu's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a fun-loving Guy who loves making Friends!
So never forget:
Thanks for visitin by k-nelo

You can talk to me about Music, Movies, Games, Anime, Cartoons, Manga...
Almost everything!

Oh and here are things about my Gallery:
Critique please by Metadream
Equal support by Metadream
No fighting allowed by Metadream

I can't stand:

- Shipping Wars
- trolling others, huminaliting ANY Characters/Persons (I don't care if fictional Moments)
- Raccism, Sexism, Pedophilie, Incest, LGBT Hate...

Here are Stamps i :heart:! :D

POTC: Jack Sparrow II by Claire-stamps I Heart Music by sirocco-rc Start your day with a smile by jonarific
I Like Being Myself by mylastel minion stamp by vitaminanime Stamp: DW, BH by 8manderz8
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